Sharp FX creates mirror ball makeup for The Aston Shuffle Music Video

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Canberra EDM exports The Aston Shuffle have unveiled their latest music video for Tear It Down, just in time for the festive season. While the Yuletide fire roars in the background, the whole sweater-clad family can now gather ’round the computer screen and watch this new, somewhat sordid tale.

The clip, directed by Prad Senanayake, who’s worked with the likes of 360 and The Cairos, is set in a strip club and tells the tale of a dancer who becomes a human disco ball, “inspired by stories of transformation in Greek mythology: such as the legends of The Pleiades or The Phoenix, Tear It Down takes these concepts and puts them in a modern and hyper sexual world,” said Senanayake.

“It’s a story of what happens when the metaphysical starts to bleed into a setting that’s potently physical. It’s also my little homage to the horror work of David Cronenberg,” the director added. Readers can check out the merry clip below, as well as the pair’s upcoming Australian tour dates.

mirror ball makeup FX
Aston Shuffle ‘Tear it Down’ makeup

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