special makeup effects studio creates old age prosthetic makeup Caricature of David Attenborough

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Model before prosthetic application
Model Before Prosthetic Application

Sharp FX special makeup effects studio was approached to do an old age prosthetic makeup caricature to resemble David Attenborough for realestate.com.au ‘Life At Home’ campaign.
The model was chosen on their acting skills rather than resemblance to character.
Creation time from life cast to application was six days.

Plaster Face Cast
Plaster Face Cast

An alginate and plaster bandage cast was taken of the actors face and reproduced in Hydrocal 105. To save time a pre existing ultracal 30 head mould was used as the base to create the back of the head and ear sculpture.

Old Age Prosthetic Sculpture
Old Age Prosthetic Sculpture

An old age sculpture was created in plasticine. The aim was to sculpt a face that wouldn’t look exactly like David Attenborough, but instead would feel like it was similar in age and style. Due to the large difference in face shape and size to Attenborough many features needed to be exaggerated.
The sculpture was then separated up into six pieces which were then moulded as two piece ultracal 30 moulds.

Old age Attenborough Caricature prosthetic
Old Age Prosthetic Makeup Attenborough Caricature

To save time the prosthetic piece for the back of the head was pre-painted and the hair was applied prior to the application.




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